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Elsie Holmes Nature Park

Dianne Poteet, Director
88 Ben Holmes Road
Phone:  (706) 935-5263
Fax: (706) 935-5249


 Elsie Homes Nature Park
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Monday and Tuesday:  9 am - 6 pm
Wednesday:  9 am - 6 pm
Thursday and Friday:  9 am - 6 pm
Saturday:  9 am - 6 pm
Sunday:  1 pm - 6 pm
During Daylight Savings Time:  9 am - 9 pm (April - October)

The Elsie A. Holmes Nature Park provides visitors a place of recreation that includes trails, fishing, picnics, or just a quiet place to enjoy nature.

The 66-acre park was officially opened July 25, 1997.  Catoosa County resident Ben Holmes donated the property for the spacious park in memory of his wife, Elsie.

Married in May 1946, the couple moved to Catoosa County in 1948.  Mrs. Holmes died at the age of 69 in November 1978 after suffering with Alzheimer’s disease for about six years.

Located at 88 Ben Holmes Road, the park is bordered by the South Chickamauga Creek and includes five walking trails, a 1,500-square-foot screened-in pavilion, rest rooms, and an office.

The pavilion can be reserved for groups, and the park staff is available to speak or give guided tours on a prearranged basis.

Visitors to the park can find many different species of wildflowers, plants, and trees.  Some selected trees are marked with signs to identify them.  There is also a trail located on the ridge that is accessible for strollers and those with disabilities.

Walking in the park at the age of 85 and suffering from heart disease just a few weeks before the park opening, Mr. Holmes said, “My days are numbered. I wanted to see it before I kicked off.”

Mr. Holmes said that he donated the land because, “I hated to see the place cut up and put into housing tracts.  I decided I would save it for the good of the county.”

Mr. Holmes died on September 3, three months after the park opened.

“Most people don’t realize what a gift Mr. Holmes has made to us.  I can’t convey how nice it was for him to do that,” said Catoosa County Manager Jim Callaway. 

Directions to the Park 

From Ringgold: Take Ooltewah/Ringgold Road north from Highway 41 in Ringgold.  Drive approximately 3 miles, turn left onto Saunders Road and follow the signs.

From East Brainerd: Turn South onto Ooltewah/Ringgold Road, drive 3 miles South, turn right onto Saunders Road and follow the signs.