Juvenile Court Judge

(part time)

McCracken Poston was born and raised in Catoosa County, Georgia, attending local schools and working for the District Attorney's Office in the four Northwest Georgia counties of the Lookout Mountain Circuit while obtaining his undergraduate degree from U.T. Chattanooga. Afterward, while attending the School of Law at the University of Georgia, Poston served as President of his graduating third-year class.

After passing the Georgia Bar Examination during his third year of law school, Poston spent his first two years as a lawyer working with the Wiggins Law Offices and then two years as an Assistant District Attorney in the administration of Lookout Mountain Circuit District Attorney David L. "Red" Lomenick. In 1988, Poston qualified to run for the state House of Representatives, and went on to win the primary and general election. After a brief stint with the Offices of Clifton "Skip" Patty, Poston in March of 1989 began the solo law practice that he maintains to date.

During his four terms in the Georgia House of Representatives, Poston championed many causes important to Northwest Georgians, as well as a number of issues of statewide interest. No other legislation is more associated with the former Representative Poston than the "Ethics in Government Act of 1992", which for the first time in Georgia required the registration of lobbyists and the reporting of their expenditures in the effort to influence legislators or legislation. Poston also passed legislation, later signed into law, that speeded up the adoption process in state deprivation cases. He also authored laws to clear up legal issues in the criminal conspiracy law and to allow victims of child abuse to legally participate in the investigation and arrest of their suspected perpetrator. Poston also wrote the law to require the posting of pesticide application schedules in state buildings for the benefit of those sensitive to the chemicals used.

In 1996, Poston left the state legislature and ran for the United States Congress. He was the Democratic Nominee in North Georgia's 9th District, but was defeated the general election by the newly party-switched incumbent, Rep. Nathan Deal.

With his exit from elective office, Poston did not end his public service to his community and state. Since 1997, Poston has served as the Juvenile Court Judge (part time) for the Lookout Mountain Circuit, primarily in Catoosa County. In this position, Judge Poston is restricted from practicing law in any Juvenile Court in the state of Georgia. Otherwise, Poston is qualified to practice at all other levels of trial and appellate courts in Georgia and Tennessee. He may be admitted in other jurisdictions through pro hac vice admission.

McCracken Poston is active in civic and charitable causes in Northwest Georgia and the Greater Chattanooga area. He has three children, Alina, Mac and Cal, and he also helps out with their younger brother, Graeme. 


McCracken Poston, Juvenile Court Judge (part time)
Administrator: Tammy M. Hardin

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