Voting Precincts

 Effective January 1, 2019, building rentals will be managed by the Catoosa County Parks & Recreation Department.

Their office located at 749 Pine Grove Road, Ringgold GA 30736. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 A.M to 5:30 P.M 

Phone: 706-891-4199 - Email:

Click the links below for building information. Please call 706-891-4199 to reserve.
Available precincts are listed below.
To review the Covid-19 rental guidelines and to reserve a precinct online, click the link to the Catoosa County Parks & Rec website:
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Open Use Building Rules :

  1. A $40.00/day rental fee is required to reserve an open use building.  A $100.00 refundable cash deposit is required at the time the keys are picked up.  The user will receive a copy of the rules for the use of the open use building and shall be personally responsible for complying with the rules and any damage to the open use building. 

  2. You must be a Catoosa County resident to rent a voting precinct.

  3. You must be at least 21 years of age to rent a voting precinct.

  4. No hanging decorations will be allowed in the open use buildings.

  5. No moneymaking activities or any kind of admission fee will be permitted in the open use building.

  6. No cleated shoes of any kind will be allowed in the open use building.

  7. No signs or other materials will be taped to the front door or on the walls of the open use buildings.

  8. The user will not enter the open use building before their reserved time and must be out of the building with everything cleaned by the end of their reserved time.

  9. The user may move and set up the tables and chairs in the open use building in any manner the user sees fit. The tables and chairs must be returned to the place where they were located and stored at the conclusion of the use.  Do not stack chairs against the wall.

  10. Dragging chairs or tables across the floor is prohibited.

  11. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the buildings.

  12. The user will be required to bring garbage bags to the event and to remove the garbage when the user leaves.

  13. The building shall be cleaned and wet mopped at the conclusion of each use, including the bathrooms.  Do not leave anything in the refrigerator or in the cabinets.

  14. At the conclusion of the use of the building, the user shall inspect the building and make sure all commodes are flushed and all lights are off in the bathrooms.

  15. At the conclusion of the use of the precinct, the heat and air shall be set as follows:  During winter, leave heat in "ON" position, set at 50 degrees.  Do not turn off the heat during the winter.  During the summer leave air in "ON" position. Leave air set on 74 degrees on departure. 

  16. At the conclusion of the use of the building, the user must check to make sure all the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms are turned off.

  17. The user is required to lock all doors and turn off all lights inside and outside the building at the conclusion of the use.

  18. Any user failing to comply with these rules shall be subject to any damages occasioned by the failure to follow these rules.

  19. When you vacate the building it should be left so that no one knows that you have been there. Your deposit will be refunded within five business days after your keys are returned if the above rules are followed.

Catoosa County Government  • 800 Lafayette Street • Ringgold, GA 30736 • Phone: 706-965-2500 • Fax: 706-935-3112 


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